Tropes/Content Warnings

Hello dear readers! Please note that this page is a work in progress. As I have learned more about potentially upsetting tropes, I am working on making lists for my books. At the moment, I am focusing on my current series, and will continue to update this page to include older books.

Please note that these lists may contain spoilers.

Cursed Blood

Cursed Blood features vampire heroes who enjoy drinking blood (consensually) along with physical intimacy. These books are slow burn with some explicit sexual content.

The series has an external plot that includes mystery, intrigue, and action-adventure style violence that is consistent with scenes from an R-rated action movie. 

Please click the labels below for more information on individual books! 

The Guardian's Curse
  • Stalking (antagonist toward heroine)
  • Home invasion
  • Action-adventure violence
  • Biting, blood-drinking during sex (consensual)
  • Mind control (heroine + friend, by antagonist)
  • Kidnapping
The Hunter's Curse
  • Kidnapping/imprisonment of heroine and other humans (by antagonist)
  • Physical and mental abuse toward heroine (by antagonist)
  • Mind control (by antagonist)
  • Discussions of childhood trauma, including physical abuse and implied sexual abuse of heroine and heroine’s sister (mentioned in vague terms, primarily implied)
  • Discussions of past physical and sexual abuse of hero (not described in explicit detail, with focus on emotional toll and fear experienced by hero)
  • Supporting character experiences memory loss and fears sexual assault, mention of r**e kit being conducted
  • Extreme illness/pain experienced due to hero’s curse (includes mentions of vomiting)
  • Biting/blood-drinking (consensual with hero, non-consensual with antagonist)
  • Action-adventure violence
  • Illness, near-death of heroine (includes descriptions of hospital setting with medical equipment and intubation)
The Warrior's Curse
  • Robbery/shooting involving heroine
  • Chronic pain experienced by hero
  • Body image issues (heroine)
  • Heroine transitions into a vampire, experiencing physical pain and emotional turmoil
  • Mind control (by hero, in order to calm the heroine and keep her from hurting herself)
  • Action-adventure violence (includes several gruesome scenes in the aftermath of vampire hunter attacks)
  • Interrogation/torture of antagonist’s henchmen
  • Kidnapping of heroine’s daughter
The Assassin's Curse
  • Amnesia + manipulation
  • Mind control by vampires – affects heroine and several supporting characters
  • Heroine transitions into a vampire unwillingly, experiencing physical pain and emotional turmoil
  • Action-adventure violence
  • Torture/interrogation of hero/heroine by villain
The Rogue's Curse
  • Action-adventure violence
  • Mental anguish/depression caused by sleep deprivation
  • Past trauma/imprisonment shared in conversation
  • Hallucinations, mental distress caused by magical curse