Dragon’s Secret

Tempers and desires flare white-hot when two flame dragons butt heads.

Chloe Madsen has had a wicked headache for six months. Now, that headache has a name: Taegan Asharin. He’s sexy as hell, but he accuses her of being a cheat and a liar within ten seconds of meeting her.

Not a great first impression.

Taegan knows the truth the minute he sees her: Chloe Madsen is a dragon. And somehow, she doesn’t realize it. There’s a wide, winged world out there and she’s missing out on it.

As a representative of the local dragon community, it’s Taegan’s responsibility to bring her in to their secretive world. But first, he’ll have to convince her to see him again, which isn’t going to be easy after their disastrous first meeting. Then, he’ll have to convince her she’s not human.

Taegan’s up for the challenge, but his secrets might extinguish the sparks before they can ignite.

Dragon’s Secret is a standalone novella set in the Dragons of Ascavar universe. Short and sassy, with a hint of spice, this light-hearted story can be enjoyed without reading the whole series.