Dragon’s Vow

A loyal prince.

Long ago, Prince Zayir Moltenheart made a solemn promise to his sister.

I will do whatever you ask for the good of this family.

He just didn’t expect to make good on his promise by marrying a shapeshifter princess he’d never met. With enemies on their doorstep, Zayir’s marriage will secure a political alliance with the neighboring nation of shapeshifters.

A dutiful princess with a secret agenda.

Ohrena al-Katiri has never expected a life of love. As the daughter of a powerful shapeshifter clan, she expected a marriage of convenience to secure her family’s political position. When she agrees to marry dragon prince Zayir Moltenheart, she wishes to make him happy while discreetly gathering information on her new home.

A wedding of convenience.

Zayir is pleasantly surprised to learn that his new wife is as intelligent and thoughtful as she is beautiful. But overhearing nasty gossip on their wedding night leads him to pull away from her, setting their marriage off to a cool, rocky start. As they navigate a diplomatic dance, they learn that they have misjudged one another.

Polite affection blooms into something more powerful and passionate. But when the prince discovers his new wife has been keeping dangerous secrets from him, he must decide whether he can trust her with the safety of his people. Will love bloom, or will their differences be too much to overcome?

Packed with spies, steam, and sass, Dragon’s Vow is a delightful standalone novella in the Dragons of Ascavar universe. It can be enjoyed without reading the rest of the series, though if you’re reading along, you should read it after Book 1, Wings of Stone.