Charity Pierson’s life might as well be a country song. Mama went crazy, her sister up and left in the middle of the night, and now it’s just Charity and her pickup truck cruising the highways and hunting anything dumb enough to crawl out of the grave where it belongs.

Mama hasn’t said a word since Charity put a bullet in her skull ten years ago, so when she gets a call from the state penitentiary, she knows something’s up. Her mother claims something possessed her and turned her into a killer all those years ago. Worse still, that same evil is stirring once more. When Charity learns about a bizarre unsolved murder in a North Carolina college town, right on cue, she can’t ignore it. She might not believe Mama’s tall tales, but she doesn’t much believe in coincidence either.

Along the way, Charity meets fledgling hunter Georgia Browning, who’s got more money than sense and a dark past of her own. The past comes roaring back to life when Charity learns that the knife used in the most recent murder is the same one her mother used ten years ago, a copycat down to the last gruesome details. Now Charity and Georgia must dodge walking corpses, campus police, and a killer who prowls among the living while stirring the dead.

Sweet Cherry Pie is a darkly funny paranormal adventure featuring sharp and sassy characters who don’t take any crap from anyone, least of all each other.

“Highly entertaining and a lovely change-up from the usual story line.”

Valerie, Amazon reviewer

“If you’re a fan of urban fantasy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or the gloriously idiosyncratic world of the American Southeast, you will find much to enjoy in SWEET CHERRY PIE…”

David, Amazon reviewer