Wings of Flame

Book 5 of the heart-pounding fantasy romance series overflowing with sexy dragon shifters, dark secrets, and ancient rivalries.

A scarred healer who has lost hope.

For over a year, Sister Sohaila Mara has been imprisoned in a faraway land by the dragon-hating Chosen. After praying fervently for a sign from the heavens, she gets one. She just didn’t expect it to be Kaldir Dawnblaze, the dragon who shattered her heart. Fifty years have passed since they last met, but her love – and resentment – for him still burn bright.

A hardened warrior destined for solitude.

When a decisive battle in the war with the Chosen brings Kaldir face to face with his former lover, he doesn’t know if it’s divine intervention or a cruel trick of fate. With a war to fight, he is in no place to rekindle an old romance no matter how enticing it is. But Sohaila has different plans, and pledges to join the fight at his side.

A battle for the very soul of dragonkind.

With powerful weapons, monstrous allies, and an unwavering hatred for dragons, the Chosen are preparing for a grand finale that will leave the world of Ascavar shaken to its foundations. Fighting alongside legendary warriors and shapeshifting spies, Sohaila and Kaldir race across the continent of Ascavar to find Sidran and end the threat of the Chosen forever.

With the spark reignited between reunited lovers, they have something worth fighting for. Something worth dying for, but more importantly, worth living for. But this war may demand everything they have and everything they are. Will Sohaila and Kaldir stand strong when the smoke clears, or will they be swept away in the flames?

Fly away with the explosive finale of the Dragons of Ascavar series. Meet familiar faces, explore the magical world of Ascavar, and find out how it all ends.