Wings of Thunder

Book 3 of the heart-pounding fantasy romance series overflowing with sexy dragon shifters, dark secrets, and ancient rivalries.

A former slave who could never trust a dragon.

Since her emancipation from the cruel dragon masters that stole her childhood, Shalina al-Tahni wants to start a new life far from dragonkind. But fresh starts cost money, so she agrees to translate for a dragon prisoner in a tiny desert town. She knows what to expect before she lays eyes on him. Dragons are killers and liars.

But not this one.

When the half-dead prisoner with the beautiful eyes protests his innocence, she knows he’s telling the truth.

A dragon prince framed for an unspeakable crime.

Aryath Silverbrand is the son of a wealthy noble house of dragons, but an ambush left him grievously injured and imprisoned by a group of dragon-hating zealots calling themselves the Chosen. Their mistreatment has left his wings broken and useless. He begs the beautiful translator to believe in his innocence, and it seems like a blessing from the gods when she helps him escape.

A dragon city under iron rule.

The joy of freedom is cut short when he discovers that his home city of Tahlan-Lev has been invaded and his entire family imprisoned. The dragons of the city have been slain or forced into slavery. Despite having only his wits and an injured human form to fight back, Aryath is the only hope for his family, whose days are numbered.

Despite her dislike for dragons, Shalina sees the spark of something different in Aryath, and the ember of something unfamiliar in her own heart. But as the Chosen tighten their grasp on the city and hunt for the surviving scion of the Silverbrand house, she realizes she may face the ultimate sacrifice if she remains at his side.

Wonderfully written and full of twists and turns.

Jeanne, Amazon reviewer

Vivid imagery, lots of heart and action.

Cindy, Amazon reviewer

The characters are refreshing, enchanting, and bold. The storyline is fantastic. It has a surprise at every turn.

Hilt1985, Amazon reviewer