Wings of Frost

Book 4 of the heart-pounding fantasy romance series overflowing with sexy dragon shifters, dark secrets, and ancient rivalries.

A disgraced dragon warrior.

Velati Rimewing is a legend amongst dragon shifters; one of the mighty Arik’tazhan who turned the tide of the Great War. But he lost everything when he defied his queen and was banished from the dragon community. When he is called back into the fold to fight a dragon-hating cult, he’ll do anything to get answers and redeem his name.

A true believer with hidden doubts.

Initiated into the Chosen as one of their mightiest weapons, Marlena Nightrunner has a divine calling. By ending the tyranny of dragons, she will make the world safe for humanity. But when she loses a bloody fight and wakes up in a dragon prison, her charismatic captor offers an impossible choice: betray her people to help the dragons or die.

She’ll have to betray her people to save his.

With his reputation already in tatters, Velati risks everything to pull Marlena back into the light. As he pulls back the veil on the bloody secrets of the Chosen, her sworn enemy becomes her salvation. But his growing devotion may be too little to save her. The Chosen don’t take kindly to losing their weapon, and they’ll destroy anyone who stands in their way of reclaiming her.

Exciting emotive and a wonderful world.

Jeanne, Amazon reviewer

The world she has built is unlike any in the genre I’ve read before. If you love dragons, suspense, intrigue, fast paced action, with a love story thrown in then this is the book for you. 

Hilt1985, Amazon reviewer

This is by far my favourite in the series. I loved the way the 2 worlds mesh together in this one.

Oscar, Amazon reviewer