For my newsletter readers, I’m sharing a quick sneak peek of a new book. It’s tentatively titled Missing, but I’m sure that will change.

For now, here’s the first snippet:


Forty-eight hours from now, he’d be fifty thousand dollars richer. Not bad for a weekend’s work. There were a few critical points, with potential for disaster along the way, but everything was smooth sailing once he delivered the package. The boss would be happy, the client would be happy, and that meant he was happy.

His phone vibrated. He switched the plastic shopping basket to his left hand and took his phone from his pocket to see a notification.

PerfectPair: You have a new message from a match!

He swiped the message and skimmed it. A smile curved up his lips.

I’ll meet u there if that’s ok

Hook, line, and sinker. He quickly composed a reply.

That’s cool. How about 8? We can get a good table and stay for show.

The key was to let her feel like she was in control of the whole situation. There had been a long pause between his previous message and her reply. He could see her debating how to properly respond. She’d wanted to be cautious, but still seem approachable. He respected that.

He also respected the fact that she was twenty-nine years old, had no surviving relatives, and was healthy as a horse as of her last physical four months earlier. There was something admirable about a woman who kept herself in good repair. Nothing in her medical records indicated any hidden issues. And she was the white whale of blood types – AB negative, which was a bitch and a half to find. That alone had driven the fee up by a solid ten percent.

“Sir, can I help you find something?”

He froze and turned to see a young woman in an orange apron. Jenna was written on her apron in black marker. “Sure, Jenna,” he said. “Zip ties?”

“Oh, those will be on Aisle 10,” Jenna said. “About halfway down on your left. Anything else?”

He smiled. “That’s all, darlin. Thanks.”

As he strolled down Aisle 10, his phone buzzed again with a response.

Awesome. See u then!

He paused and contemplated the zip ties. After comparing two packs, he grabbed the twelve-pack and threw it in his basket on top of the plastic tarps and duct tape.

He typed a response.

Can’t wait.