“Are you all right?” Erevan asked.

“Peachy. What the hell is going on?” She reached for her drink and took a sip, looking like she wished there was something stronger in it.

“Why did you call the police? I told you not to.”

“You’re sketchy. My best friend is missing, and I got attacked by a…” After glancing over her shoulder as if she was afraid someone was listening, she leaned forward and whispered, “A dragon in my house. No way that’s coincidence. After I talked to you, I might add.”

“You think I sent someone to hurt you? If I wanted to hurt you, why wouldn’t I have done it when I was already in your house?”

“Perry was there.”

He snorted derisively. “Please. That overgrown bag of muscle couldn’t touch me.”

“His multiple black belts beg to differ,” she snapped. Touchy subject. Was Perry her boyfriend? And why was that the first question that popped into his mind?

Today I’m sitting down with intense investigator, Erevan Skyblaze, from Wings of Exile. Get to know this scorching hero a little better!

Warning: Character interviews may contain spoilers. Read at your own caution! Haven’t read the book yet? Bookmark this page, go read it, and come back when you’re done!

1. Hey there, handsome. Can you tell me your name and a little about where you come from?
My name is Erevan Skyblaze. And I came from just up the mountains of Asheville.

2. No, really. Where are you from?
That is where I’m from. My family is part of the Exiled dragon flight. “Zarizhan,” in my native language. Exiles is a bit of a dramatic title, though, and not really accurate since my people came willingly. I think humans refer to the concept as “expatriates.” But “expats” doesn’t have the same ring, does it? My grandparents came to this world from Ascavar, which is where our kind originally come from. My parents were born here, and so was I.

3. What kind of dragon are you? (Is that rude to ask?)
It’s not rude to ask, although I advise if you interview any Edra shifters that you steer clear of that question. They find it extremely rude. As for me, I’m a fire dragon. Humans seem to think that all dragons breathe fire, but not all of us do. We all have an affinity for a particular element. My parents both had an affinity for flame, so it was probable that I would, too.

4. Do you ever get the urge to randomly set things on fire?
Not often. Do you?

5. I mean…okay. Next question. Do you work a normal job in the human world, or do you serve the queen?
A little of both. I work for the Queen’s Skywatch, but I spend most of my time in the city. Some of the dragonflights from the old world permit their young to pursue a time away from home called khalle t’aradan, or the Wandering. Most of them either come through Atlanta or here in Asheville because of the locations of the Gates.

In particular, I watch over Wanderers. I monitor them and deal with them when they get into trouble in the human world. It’s important that we keep the secret. Dragons aren’t here to take over the human world. Our people just wanted to get away from the wars of our ancestors. In order for us to enjoy the peace of being left alone, that means we can’t attract undue attention. We have powers that could disrupt the whole of human society if they were common knowledge, so we keep things quiet, and have very strict rules about how and when dragons can use those powers.

Some Wanderers have a hard time adjusting; they’re used to being able to fly wherever they wish and to use their powers openly. It’s my job to help them adjust, and on rare occasions, to send them back if they can’t play by the rules.

6. I have an interview scheduled with Natalie. I hear you two are an item. Tell me about how you guys met.
Well…it definitely wasn’t romantic. Part of my job with the Skywatch is to be a point of contact for new Wanderers. I’ve lived here my whole life, so I’m immersed in two worlds at once. I can help Wanderers navigate a confusing world. Her roommate, Thea, is a dragon, and she went missing. She had left instructions to call me if anything ever happened to her, and Natalie did. I showed up at her house and-

7. It was love at first sight?
The complete opposite. I mean, I thought she was pretty, but she was also annoying and stubborn. And she thought I was shady as hell. I kept trying to make her leave me alone so I could work, and for some reason, I couldn’t affect her the way I usually do with humans. I agreed to let her help me with my investigation because I figured she was going to go off and her own and get hurt. As we got to know each other, I realized she was truly special.

8. Has being in love changed you? Taught you anything?
Hmm. Maybe just that I could be in love, that I could allow myself to be vulnerable. I hadn’t allowed myself to be in love for many years. Her stubbornness and persistence broke through a wall I hadn’t realized I was building. And I realized that without risking vulnerability, without daring to show my hand and express my own feelings, I would never be open to being loved and all the genuine joy that comes with it. I may be a fire-breathing dragon, but she is the one who protects my heart.

9. Congratulations! It sounds like a match made in…heaven?
Close enough. I don’t deserve such good fortune, but I’m thankful for it anyway.

10. Okay, one last fun question. You know about the ins and outs of the dragon world hidden here on Earth. Tell me a secret that would blow my mind.
My number one rule is takhara vhan. It means “keep the secret.” I shouldn’t tell you anything, but since you’re a friend, I’ll tell you this. Have you seen all those superhero movies? At least two of the big stars are part dragon, and one is full-blooded Kadirai.

11. Which ones?!
I definitely can’t tell you that. Takhara vhan, after all.