She’d been in the middle of tying off Cody Brown’s stitches when she’d finally accepted that she’d hallucinated about being a dragon. Not just seeing one, but being a damn dragon, complete with wings and scales and claws. What the hell was that all about? If she was going to have a daytime hallucination, her caffeine-saturated brain could have at least had the decency to give her a hot tub romp with the Chippendales or something else equally unbelievable as a dragon.

And as long as it had taken to wrap her brain around dragon, she still wasn’t ready to acknowledge the part of her brain that whispered, you know it wasn’t a hallucination. The vision didn’t have the hazy, surreal feel of a dream. And it didn’t slip through her fingers like sand when she thought about it, the way a fleeting hallucination would. It was solid and real, like a memory.

Which didn’t make one bit of sense.

Gabby folded her arms, leaning against the counter as she watched Jane Doe. What the hell was she dealing with here? She’d always believed that there were scientific answers for everything. Even the most mysterious symptoms and illnesses had an explanation; it was simply a matter of putting the puzzle together correctly.

Some people did heal quicker than others. But no one went from bone-deep cut to completely healed in a few hours. Furthermore, every human in existence had one of four blood types.

So what did that make Jane Doe?

Did you love Wings of Stone? Want to get to know the sharp-minded and compassionate Gabby Rojas a little better? Tune in for this interview!

Warning: character interviews may contain minor spoilers. Read at your own caution!

1. Hi there! Do you have time to tell us a little about yourself?
My life just got a whole lot weirder, but I can make a little time. My name is Gabrielle Rojas. I’m an ER doctor in Reno.

2. That’s impressive! That must be stressful. 
You know, it is, but I also just survived a dragon battle royale. It kind of puts things in perspective, you know?

3. OK, tell me more about that. 
Well…I don’t believe in magic and supernatural crap. Or I didn’t until a bunch of dragons came crashing into my life. Literally. The EMTs brought in a Jane Doe, and I thought I was going nuts because her blood type was non-existent. That happens when your Jane Doe is actually a dragon shifter and officially a different species.

Then I met Tarek, and twenty-four hours later, I was in another world. Again, literally, not in the Disney “I can show you a whole new world” sort of way.

It’s hard to not believe in magic when you see it with your own eyes.

4. Tell me a little about Tarek. What drew you to him?
I mean…have you seen him? Okay, sorry, that was a serious question. I swear, I’m really not that shallow. He has this weird sense of honor that’s kind of old-fashioned, but really amazing at the same time. He really devotes himself to the things he cares about. He was determined to care for the princess when I was taking care of her, and then when I was in trouble, he was determined to protect me. We barely knew each other, but I think he would have torn the world down if someone had hurt me. I’ve never met anyone quite like him.

5. I hear you traveled into Ascavar. What was your favorite thing?
So I got kind of lucky there. Because I helped the princess, the queen extended her highest hospitality to me. I had a super nice room while I stayed there. Someone brought me breakfast every morning, did my hair, helped me get dressed in really nice clothes…it didn’t take long to get spoiled. And the movies get it all wrong. These dragons aren’t swooping over countrysides and eating innocent virgins. They do eat a lot of meat, but they just eat a lot in general, and all of it’s good. They make bread like you wouldn’t imagine. Big fans of the carbs.

6. Was it hard to come back?
Other than the life-threatening danger, I enjoyed my visit, but I was glad to come home. This is where I belong. It’s where my work is, and it’s where I’m meant to be. And Tarek surprises me with breakfast at work some mornings, which is a pretty good substitute.

7. What’s the weirdest part about dating a dragon?
Well, there’s the fact that he, you know, turns into a three-ton beast with giant wings. That’s weird. But not as scary as it was at first. But otherwise, he’s just a man. I always feel safe with him, for sure.

8. And is there a wedding on the horizon? 
Did you ask him all these questions? This seems like that red carpet thing where they ask the men hard-hitting questions and ask the women about their dresses.

9. Not at all. He talked mostly about you, actually.
Oh. Sorry, that sounded defensive. To answer your question, yes, there will be a wedding eventually. Things are weird in Tarek’s world right now, and we’re waiting a while until they settle a little. That gives me some time to figure things out. My family knows I have a boyfriend, though they don’t know what he is. I’m not sure I’ll ever tell them, though it’s probably going to have to come up eventually considering he doesn’t age as fast as humans do. Mom’s going to notice in twenty years when he doesn’t look older.

10. Congratulations! You seem pretty smart. I bet you’ll get it figured out. One last question – if you could give relationship advice to all my readers, what would you tell them?
Believe what people show you. A person who loves you may not always know how to say it, or they may not even realize what they feel. But their actions will tell you. I was too nervous and confused about my own feelings to realize it, but looking back, I could see what I felt and what he felt before we ever said it aloud. Sometimes people will say they love you, that they’re a good person, but their actions speak otherwise. Always believe the actions.