If you’re not (still) hyped about Mad Max: Fury Road, then I’m sorry for the GIF, only I’m not really because it was AMAZING.

Anyway. Welcome to my first for-realsies post on my new site. Hi, I’m JD Monroe, and I have a writing problem. I also have a Netflix problem, which comes into direct conflict with aforementioned writing problem. But conflict is the stuff that good stories are made of.

I’m not the greatest blogger in the world, so hopefully people will push me lovingly (or cattle-proddingly, whatever works for you) toward the kinds of things you dig reading about.

For now, just know that there are exciting things coming! Please stay tuned for lots of exciting things, including but not limited to…

  • A giveaway!
  • News on my upcoming release Sweet Cherry Pie, a darkly funny paranormal adventure that I think you’re gonna love!
  • The answer to life’s biggest questions

Honestly, you’re only going to get two of those. But I like to set high standards.